Sempell Model 142 High Pressure Water Control Valve

Specially designed low-maintenance control valves for a wide range of applications in water circulation.

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1� – 6�
Pressure class:
Class 3000
Body material:
A182 F12 / A182 F22 special design
Trim material:
Stem 1.4057 / 1.4122 (17% Cr steel)
Cages 1.4057 / 1.4122 (17% Cr steel)
Seat ring 1.4057 / 1.4122 (17% Cr steel)
Stem sealing:
PTFE (up to 480°F), pure graphite
Plug design:
A–type – parabolic Flow To Close (FTC)
L–type – multistage Flow To Close (FTC)
X–type – single stage Flow To Open (FTO)
Equal percent (square, linear on request)
Control ratio:
Standard 1:40
Sealing seat/plug:
Leakage class:
ANSI / FCI 70–2 class V DIN EN 12266–2 class B


  • Modular design.
  • The valve is suitable for continuous operation.
  • Good adjustment to the task by narrowly staged Cv–value–series and large control ratio.
  • Trims can be changed easily while valve is welded into pipe.
  • Different plug types available.
  • Minimized wear and tear through separation of sealing and control area at high Δp.
  • Different actuator types can be used.
  • With low–friction PTFE packing at design temperatures ≤ 480°F.
  • Resistant for standard pickling process.
  • The stem nut can be re–lubricated during operation.
  • Thermal expansion by high temperature differences at stem will be balanced by cup spring in yoke head.



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Jual Fisher Valve Murah

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