KSB SISTO-10 Diaphragm Valve

The KSB SISTO-10 is a flanged type Diaphragm Valve with shut-off and sealing to atmosphere by a spiral-supported diaphragm (DN 65 and above). The SISTO 10 comes with a position indicator with integrated stem protection. All the moving parts are separated from the fluid by the diaphragm, making the KSB SISTO-10 maintenance-free.



Body design: Straight pattern body
Bonnet design: Bonnet
Coating: Yes
No dead volume design: Yes
Handwheel movement: Rising
Lining: Yes
Valve disc/plug material: Soft seat
Threaded-end design: Flange design
DN max.: 300
DN min.: 15
Body material: Nodular cast iron, Cast stainless steel, Cast iron
PN max.: 10
Max. temperature: 160°C
Min. temperature: -10°C
Body/bonnet seal element: Supported diaphragm




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